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In 2024 we will be planting our 38th crop and have grown to a total of 8,210 acres. 
The primary crop grown is 3,838 acres of potatoes for the potato chip industry, marketed to E.K. Bare & Sons, Frito Lay, Inc., Great Lakes Potato Chip Co., Snyder's-Lance Inc., Shearer's Foods, Utz Quality Foods and Wise Foods, Inc. 
Our storage capacity has grown to 1,100,000 cwt.
800 acres of seed corn is grown for Pioneer Hi Bred International.

2,550 acres of field corn is marketed to local dairy farmers and elevators for feed.

1,022 acres of wheat is grown & harvested.


We combine 40 years of potato farming experience with today's newest potato farming technology to meet the demands of modern business.  We are continually upgrading our potato storages

so we have state of the art technology to deliver high quality potatoes to our customers.  

Our long term crop rotation practices provide nutrient balance, prevents pest

build up and avoids the establishment of resistant pest strains.

The original 90,000 cwt of potato storage has grown to 680,000 cwt, with a modern loading facility capable of loading up to 20 semi loads of potatoes per day.  A second storage facility was added 30 miles south in Montcalm County,

that will store 435,000 cwt and also has a modern loading facility with the capability of loading up to 20 semi loads per day.  All of our potato storages have been upgraded with computer controlled ventilation

equipment and humicells.  This provides us full season quality allowing us to

ship potatoes 11 months of the year, starting in August out of the field

continuing through June out of storage.

Sackett Potatoes puts a lot of importance in having modern potato harvesting equipment, to efficiently 
harvest a quality crop.  Currently we are using 3 separate harvest systems, 2 of which harvest 16 rows at a 
time with the 3rd harvesting 12 rows.  Each harvest system is capable of harvesting 40-50 acres per day.  
During harvest we dedicate 2 people to continually take samples to evaluate raw grading and black spot bruising 
while we are filling the storage with potatoes.  This is a management tool we use to manage potato shipping out 
of storage to deliver high quality potatoes to our customers.  We dedicate a full time person to do fry samples and 
raw grade samples on every semi load of potatoes that leaves the farm.  We also have an extensive sugar testing program which lets us monitor sugars for long term storage quality.

Want to join our team?


At Sackett Potatoes we are always looking for driven individuals to add to our team.  

We offer full time, part time and seasonal positions at competitive wage packages.  

If you feel your skills could benefit our organization and would like the opportunity to grow with with a company that’s constantly looking to expand its horizons, please send us your resume’.

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