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"The purpose of Sackett Potatoes is to build a family business that can include the immediate family and continue for future generations.  Honesty and integrity will rule our dealings with family members, industry peers, neighbors, and with others we come in contact with."

1st Generation & 2nd Generation

In 1904 Edward Sackett left his Nebraska farm to purchase a 160 acre farm in Michigan.  In 1905 he planted his first crop which consisted of 20 acres of potatoes and the Sackett family has grown potatoes every year since.  Edward farmed with his sons until his death in 1917.  Edward's middle son Hiram, continued farming along with his 3 sons, Keith, Nathan and Derwin.    

3rd Generation

Keith Sackett farmed with his father and brothers until the end of 1955, when his father retired.  Keith continued farming with his 3 sons, Alan, Bruce and Larry until his retirement in 1982.  The business continued to grow and by the end of 1986, Keith's oldest son Alan was ready to begin a new farming operation with his 2 sons, Jeff and Brian.

4th Generation

Sackett Potatoes was formed in 1987 when Alan discontinued farming with his brothers to begin a new farming operation with his 2 sons Jeff and Brian.  Alan took his 25 years of farming experience and moved 30 miles north, where he leased a 1,200 acre irrigated farm with 90,000 cwt of potato storage located in Mecosta County Michigan.  This farm was later purchased and is the base from which Sackett Potatoes is built.  The first crop consisted of 400 acres of potatoes.

5th Generation

Representing the 5th generation of Sackett's in the farming operation, Jeff joined Sackett Potatoes in 1988 and Brian in 1991.  Brian continues to farm and the business continues to grow.  A second storage facility was added 30 miles south in Montcalm County, that will store 435,000 cwt and also has a modern loading facility with the capability of loading up to 20 semi loads per day.  This provides full season quality to allow us to ship potatoes 11 months of the year, starting in August out of the field continuing through June out of storage.

6th Generation

In 2024 we will be planting our 38th crop and have grown to a total of 18,400 acres.  Brian's son Tyler graduated from Michigan State University in 2014 and is the 6th generation of Sackett's to join in the farming operation.  

He is currently taking charge of our newest venture in Illinois.  

Our total storage capacity has grown to 1,100,000 cwt.  The original 90,000 cwt of potato storage in Mecosta, has grown to 680,000 cwt, with a modern loading facility which has the capability of loading up to 20 semi loads of potatoes per day.

Our Customers:
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