“Our Business is Growing"

Growing Crops

In 2020 we will be planting our 34th crop and have grown to a total of 18,200 acres farming in 3 states.

7,200 acres of potatoes is grown for the potato chip industry.  

1,400 acres of seed corn is grown for Pioneer Hi Bred International.

5,500 acres of field corn is marketed to local dairy farmers and elevators for feed.

2,700 acres of soybeans is marketed to Cargill.

1,400 acres of wheat 

Growing Careers

The employees at Sackett Potatoes are a valuable asset.  Without their dedication and hard work, it would be impossible to harvest a quality crop.


Accepting applications year round, we offer both full time and seasonal employment.  We are always looking to hire employees with a great work ethic, who are willing to work hard and grow within our business.  

Growing Legacies

In 1904 Edward Sackett left his Nebraska farm to purchase a 160 acre farm in Michigan.  In 1905 he planted his first crop which consisted of 20 acres of potatoes and the Sackett family has grown potatoes every year since.  


Edward farmed with his sons until his death in 1917.  Edward's middle son Hiram, continued farming along with his 3 sons, Keith, Nathan and Derwin.    

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